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Things what need doing.

I have, for all intents and purposes, the next 9 days off from work, 3.5 of those days by myself here while dvorak goes home to visit his family. In an effort to not go stark raving mad over the course of this vacation, I am compiling a list of things I should / could do, so every time I start wondering what the hell I'm going to do next, I'll have something.

  • Christmas cards! Yes, yes, I know it's getting awfully late for doing this sort of thing, but they're going to go out this year, damnit all. This involves finishing the list of people who need to receive cards, going to work to print out labels (since my printer at home is making smudgey things on all my printouts, which is all well and good for home mockup stuff, but...), and of course, actually doing the cards. Oh, and mailing them. Right.

  • Go to the thrift shop with chichi today.

  • Try to actually make it to fimbulfimbul's party today, since I failed to make it to Erek's party last night.

  • Clean. Clean clean clean. Preferably before Tuesday, when the maids come.

  • Laundry. It's starting to take over the bedroom again.

  • Work on the GLOG calendar. There are parts to this as well. I need to set up the web form for people to submit dates. I need to get folks to finish picking what months they want to be. I need to get folks to write their bios. I need to finish editing the photos. I need to do the actual layout for the photo pages.

  • Web work. Lots of web work. Finally do the movie database thingie. Work on the LK site. Work on the pipeline site. Work on moving some more of covert-ops over to burly-mango.

  • Watch movies. I have lots of movies. I should watch them.

  • Play Spyro. Spyro is cute. Cute is good.

  • Cook.

  • Recatalog comics. They are getting out of hand.

  • Write. There are lots of things in me that want to be out. I should write them.

  • Play with new toys.

  • Make at least one excursion somewhere to go take pictures. I have this nifty camera. I should use it.

  • Go play pool.

  • Clean off the desk of doom. Really.

  • Dishes. I think this will involve killing off a bourgeoning civilization in my sink.

  • Get rid of a significant percentage of my belongings.

  • Sleep.

  • Take time to connect with friends who might be around during the holiday week.

  • Seriously contemplate my status and role in a couple of communities I belong to, determine whether I want to remain a part of them.

  • Make real progress on the whole "reripping my CD collection" project.

  • Go to the zoo?

  • Hang out at Starbucks, drinking chai, watching people, and pecking away at the laptop.

  • Take dvorak to airport. Pick him up.

  • Put up pictures in gallery that have been languishing.

  • Scanning projects.

  • Come up with more things to put on this list.

  • Hair stuff. Redye hair. Get hair cut.

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