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Theories and observations.

So, yesterday, I drove something on the order of 430 miles to attend one of the more inexplicable meetings of my career at RCN (and, really, that's saying a lot). Throughout the course of the day, I came up with several theories and other observations, and I thought I would share these with you.

  • One should really not drive a lot when you've only had two hours of sleep. Seriously. I had no business being on the road yesterday, particularly for the first couple of hours of the drive.
  • Music choice is important. I started out the drive listening to loud RAWRy music. This was failing to keep me awake. Sometime around the Maryland border, I switched tactics, and moved to music I knew the lyrics to and could sing along with, generally at a very loud volume (both the music and the singing). This worked much better, and became my stay-awake tactic for the rest of the trip. (And I have now ruined any chance of anyone roadtripping with me, ever.)
  • Driving leaves entirely too much time to think. Especially when you don't particularly want to be left alone with your thoughts.
  • My brain associates 'long drive' with 'smoking'. And that wasn't tense. Nope. Not at all.
  • Any day that involves driving on the New Jersey Turnpike really can't be a good day. Not much more to say there.
  • RCN's corporate headquarters are located near a cow farm. This explains a lot, I feel.
  • It is very unnerving to be outclassed. I was the only person in the meeting yesterday who wasn't at least a director, if not a VP or Senior VP. Neep.
  • I work for a stupid company. But that's another rant.
  • There is at least one pretty spot in New Jersey. I have pictures to prove it.
  • Pee when you can. No. Really. When you pass a rest stop in Baltimore, and think, "Hm. I have to pee," do not immediately follow that thought up with, "But, if I keep driving, then I won't have to stop, and then maybe I will miss some of the rush hour traffic." Because, see, you will get stuck in the rush hour traffic, and you will still have to pee. This is not a good combination.
  • Getting run off the road sucks. But, it beats getting smooshed by the gigantic semi. So.
  • But... getting run off the road can lead you down roads you wouldn't have otherwise taken... Leading you to see inexplicable road signs you would not have otherwise seen.
  • And after driving 430 miles to end up right back where you started, all to attend a 3 hour meeting... The last thing you really want to do is go to the office and work on purchase orders. Really. This is not fun.
  • Friends rule. People who will listen to you rant about your spectacularly crappy day and offer reassurance and murmuring sounds of comfort make it all better.

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