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Jesus Christ, this day can stop any time now.

Between stupid biology and stupid emotions and stupidly trying to put onto paper (into bits?) something that has been simmering for years and my goddamned mp3 player in part of a conspiracy to make me as morose as humanly possible and taking it all out on my friends and having no coping mechanisms left in place because of lack of sleep and lack of food, I am just not making it.

Who has the redo button?
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*meep* I'm sorry. I would offer you something soothing and comforting but I'm not sure what would do the trick. You're welcome to look about my networked drives, my house, and my brain for whatever you like, though. *hugs*
I don't have a redo button, but I do have a mental reset chemical: chocolate. Eat enough and you'll be feeling better in no time.

BTW, Hi. LTNS :-)