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Last night's dreams...

Last night, I had a dream that I was driving around, looking for a particular address. The car that I was in had some weird glass problems, and it was almost impossible to see out the side windows, which added to the problems I was already having, what with it being a rainy, dark night. I finally found the address, and marked it on this little card I had, and tried to find my way back to the party I had left to go find this address.

Driving back, I kept seeing familiar landmarks and buildings in the distance, but it all seemed like a classic case of "you can't get there from here." Seeing a little footpath down into a ravine whose opposite side was closer to where I wanted to be, I decided to foresake the road and try this route.

The car turned into a pogo stick (don't ask me, man), and I hopped on down into this wooded ravine. Once down there, I started my way across the bottom of the ravine, and noticed a small road meandering through the woods. I started to make my way to the road, until I noticed two dark and shadowy figures on motorcycles slowly winding their way down the road. Getting the hell out of the way seemed the better part of valor, so I hopped (still on the pogo stick, see) off into the brush, hoping the riders would pass.

Unfortunately, they saw me, and after a brief conversation, one of them set off on his bike after me. (Yes, I know that motorcycles aren't good through tangly brush and whatnot. One would thing pogosticks wouldn't be, either, but it was a dream, ok? In fact...) Scared, I started hopping like mad to get away from the rider, my pogostick working triple-time, allowing me to bounce off of tree trunks and whatnot. Unfortunately, my pursuer's motorcycle also completely failed to have problems with the terrain, riding straight up the side of the ravine.

At the top of the ravine, I found myself trapped between a fence which hadn't been there a minute before, and the motorcycle rider. I was about to scream, when the rider intoned, with real concern in his voice, "You shouldn't be out alone at night in the woods like this. It could be dangerous. Would you like to use my phone?"

It was at this point that I realized that I had been chased by Vin Diesel (hard not to recognize that voice). Flummoxed, I looked around, trying to pull some sanity from the surroundings, and ended looking back into the ravine at the other motorcycle rider. The other rider, I realize, is Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for the band Rush. Since my psyche had a really hard time thinking of Neil Peart as menacing, I relaxed, and took Mr. Diesel up on his offer to use his phone.

I called the party I had left to go in search of the address, and got directions back to where I was going. It seemed only fair to invite my saviors to the party, and they willingly came along, though Peart was more subdued that Diesel. Upon arriving at the party, I realized it was Jake's puppy wake (which really takes place tonight). The assembled folks (of which there were many, a good number more than will actually be there tonight) didn't take any particular notice of the two celebrities in our midst, which seemed to put them both at ease.

The dream ended with Vin Diesel playing huey's guitar, singing in Japanese, and Neil Peart playing with the assembled puppies.

If nothing else, sleep provides entertainment for me.

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