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I am weak.

I am such a goober. I just got home. I'm much poorer than I was 90 minutes ago. But, I have a camera again. Mmm. Camera.

I am the proud owner of a brand new Nikon Coolpix 4500.

For those playing along at home who missed the news, I broke my beloved 995 several weeks ago while at Nyarla's house. (No, Nyarla, it's not your fault that your deck doesn't have antigrav fields to prevent cameras from landing on them and breaking.) And I've had weird issues with getting the camera to Nikon to be fixed, then getting the quote, then trying to convince them that I wanted them to fix it and that my credit card was valid. Between this and that and the other thing, it was looking very very unlikely that I would be able to get my camera back before going to Louisiana for Christmas.

So. I am weak. But, I have a camera again, and all is just a little bit more right in the universe.
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