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Why this never works.

I've been meaning to update for days and days. Really, I have. I even have about half of the entries I want to post written, somewhere on the laptop here. I just haven't been able to finish up my trip travelogue, and somehow, I feel like I can't post about the trip until it's all written up. Yes, yes, neurotic of me. This really shouldn't surprise anyone.

I've spent much of the last two nights slowly making headway on the GLOG (gorgeous ladies of gweep) calendar. Last night was spent getting photos online and accounts created in the gallery software, and tonight was spent building the actual calendary part of the calendar. I think the layout is looking pretty good, but I am, predictably enough, quite nervous about the whole thing.

I've also pretty much decided to go back up to Massachusetts next month. I feel ridiculous, but so many of the people who are important to me are up there, and I have the means to travel, so... (Actually, I learned today, I really do have the means to travel. I acquired sufficient frequent flier miles this year going back and forth to MA that I can get a free ticket to go back up. I'm not sure whether or not I should be frightened or amused.) I'm currently thinking something like the 9th through the 14th. Any input? I'd love to come up for NYE, but I don't think it's going to work out, since I'm out for almost all of the previous week.

For those keeping track at home, I did finally eat this evening, sometime around 9, I think. Yes, it was the first meal I'd had since leaving kazmat and audiogeek's house yesterday morning. I just am not hungry. Oh well. I still maintain I'm evolving to not need food or sleep. :)

I'm thinking that I need to corrupt some poor soul to be a late-night geek with me. I've mostly been talking to myself since about, oh, 1:30 or so. Hmph. :) I suppose I should go to bed, but see above, about the whole not needing sleep thing.

Tomorrow, I have a bunch of actual work stuff to get done, and will hopefully make further progress on the calendar, posting PDFs of the calendar layout so folks can get an idea as to what is being looked at (though, of course, without the pictures), and maybe writing a web app to let people input / edit entries for the calendar.

I also need to tackle my Christmas card project. I just today decided I wanted to send Christmas cards, so I'm going to have to get busy to get these out so they'll arrive sometime before Valetine's Day. Not that anyone would expect any different from me.

I'm thinking that I'm going to try to do at least some of this from my local neighborhood Starbucks. They've finally gotten T-Mobile wireless setup, and I have a thingie for a free 24-hour trial. Sipping chai, sitting on a comfy couch, somewhere where I can watch people. Sounds like fun. Too bad it's at a Starbucks, but hey.

Hrm. Yes. I think I am babbling. I shall stop now. Hopefully, I'll get the rest of my journal entries up tomorrow. They'll be backdated, so they won't show up on friends pages. I'll try to remember to provide links.


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