meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

As the turkeys head to the hills...

It's been a bit since I've wandered in here, and I do actually have some things to report, so I guess I should do that.

Things what have happened recently:
  • I got hit by a car. Not that badly. Mostly, I just got knocked down and incurred some bruising in the process. This would have mostly been a non-issue, except the person who hit me (by reversing into me in the parking lot of a Best Buy) didn't stop. He looked back at me, gave me a sheepish shrug, and drove off. Harumph.

  • I went and got my glucose levels tested. I, of course, have subsequently forgotten to call to get my test results. (They're all going to beat me now. Really, they are. But, I went to get the test in the first place because they were beating me, so maybe I can get some slack on getting the results. Operating entirely on the theory that if I were about to fall over and die, the lab would flag this and have my doctor call me.)

  • I have unearthed pretty much all of my DVDs. This is a feat. Really. As a result, I have come to the realization that I am damn near out of space for DVDs.

  • I have become addicted to Bob Mould, by way of "Anymore Time Between" and a friend who is taking much glee in my new addiction.

  • I'm feeling oddly fragile with my relationships with people, as if I'm afraid that I'm going to misstep and all the links I've built with people are going to shatter, to the point where when my friends make vague statements of distress, I wonder if I am responsible. This is really just the logical extension of how I normally feel, but ... moreso.

  • I went bra shopping. I have bras. For those of you who have heard about me rant about this process in the past, you will perhaps understand how gleeful I am at having found five bras that fit, including a "cleavage-enhancing bra" which I am considering wearing with The Dress. (My statement of discovery of said bra prompted the following exchange: * huey ponders the possibility that 'meri' + 'cleavage-enhancing' = 'a chain reaction that will eventually destroy the universe'. <NyZilla> but think how much fun it will be! (My friends are silly.)

  • I have learned that I'm going to have to drive to Princeton, New Jersey, next month (which is roughly 4 hours in traffic, each way)... for a two hour meeting. Joy.

  • I shipped my camera to Nikon. I have not heard back from them yet. I am jittering. This Sunday will mark three weeks without a camera. Three weeks. Gah.

  • I had a particularly stressful angst-ridden weekend last weekend, the tremors of which are still coursing through my psyche. I'm trying to work around some of the issues, and am doing my best to blithely pretend the rest of them don't exist. I am getting grief from some fronts for my methods of coping, but ... well. I'm coping.
    I picked up new contacts, and these seem to actually work, which is a neat change. They're still not perfect, but at this point, I'm willing to write that off to the fact that they're a new type of contacts and that they might take some time to get used to.

  • I have run bazillions of errands. Lots. Lots and lots. Tons.

  • We got lizzielizzie's web site up and running.

Things what are happening now:
  • I am cooking a turkey breast, which is going to be done shortly. I only decided yesterday that I was going to do something Thanksgiving-y today. I am completely failing this year to get into the holiday spirit.

  • I am watching movies and writing code and remembering every half hour or so that I should really be doing laundry.

  • I am in awe of the fact that packet has almost seemed personable this week. dvorak posits that, since I don't like the idea of shutting packet sleeping in a dark room and we leave the light on in her bathroom, packet has not actually had a good night of sleep in the last 5+ years, and the fact that I got nightlights for her room two days ago is completely the reasoning behind her new temperament.

Things what will be happening soon:
  • With luck, I will be seeing jehanna and solipsistnation on Saturday, as they are in the Commonwealth of Virginia to visit jehanna's family for the turkey-day festivities.

  • Nyarla and I are completely taken leave of our senses, and will be going to a mall tomorrow. Yes. A mall. On the day after Thanksgiving. Why yes, we are insane. Why do you ask?

  • I am, of course, going to Massachusetts soon. Fifth trip this year, fourth since August. I'm going to freeze to death.

I'm sure there's more. I'm not remembering. Frankly, I think I'm doing well to have gotten this far. Besides, the turkey's gonna be done soon.

For those of you who celebrate such things, have a very happy turkey day. For those of you who don't, have an otherwise pleasant day.

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