meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Well, fooey.

I have become a recent fan of the TV series Sports Night. This is a shame, since it isn't actually on the air anymore. (When the series was actually on the air, I foolishly thought it was about sports, so I didn't watch it.) However, the entire series (both seasons, that is) has been released on DVD, and I gave in last night and picked it up. I took it to bed with me, since I don't actually go to sleep when I go to bed these days, and figured I'd start watching it while waiting to pass out.

It crashes my Apex.

Foodle. It happened twice, at the same spot, and then I fast-forwarded past that spot, and it happened again. The Apex is, however, a known-finicky system, and I have a fairly early model, so I'm going to play it in the living room DVD player today and hope for better results.

For some reason, something in my psyche poked me last night while I was enterting receipts into Quicken, and I kept the receipt from Best Buy, so if it does end up being a more general problem, I can return it. But I really hope I don't have to.

Oh yeah, and Josh Charles, one of the sportscasters on the show, always looked oddly familiar to me, but I never got around to querying IMDB about him. Now I remember where I know him from. He was Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society. Huh.

I'm sure you all care. :)

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