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I really need to start a dream log of some sort.

Either that, or I need to stop drinking right before I go to bed. Though, I have always had weird dreams, so perhaps I don't need to cut back.

Last night's nocturnal entertainment involved pretty much everyone I've ever known (or to some degree, even heard of) in my life on a big cruise ship. When I say big, let me say that I have been on a US Navy aircraft carrier, and the ship of my dreams was larger. And much less industrial. But that's neither here nor there.

Things kept shifting about in the hazy way that dreams have. At one point, I know that a bunch of people, including me and some of my closest friends, were senior White House staff member (and I didn't even watch The West Wing last night!). At another point, the entire ship was given over to some huge scavenger hunt. Then there was the goth party. And the murder mystery. I seem to recall Alan Alda featuring prominently in the murder mystery (and I didn't even watch M*A*S*H yesterday!). And I seem to recall someone gnawing on my arm in a friendly way at one point.

But really, the highlight of the dream was when a bunch of us were sitting around in this big comfy cafe (still on the ubership, natch), and AB popped up dressed as a waiter, carefully intoned the word "Boo!" and then set Orrin Hatch on fire. At this point, Orrin Hatch morphed into a demon (which completely failed to surprise anyone in the cafe), started screaming "I am the god of hellfire!" and began marauding around the cafe, eating people (including solipsistnation) in huge bites, still ablaze.

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