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Haven't quite got the hang of this, I don't think

I think this whole Ambien thing would work better if it kicked in with any degree of regularity. Sometimes, it works almost right away. Other times, it waits a couple of hours before sneaking up on me. But, once it has me in its hold, it Will Get Eight Hours, Damnit. So now I am feeling like I need to crawl back into bed and get a couple more hours of sleep, which is, of course, impossible. We are in the middle of the DNAI MX cutover, then I have my staff meeting, then the migration process testing call. And then, if I'm still coherent, I need to call and beat on Hour Eyes, and say, "Yes, you really were supposed to get me my glasses within a week. Grar!" And then, go pick up a prescription. And if I have not yet fallen over, I will go to the Lords of Acid concert with chichi and sitz.

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