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Help with sleep?

Ok, I've gotten less than 15 hours of sleep total over the last four nights. I would really really like to sleep. I really really don't know why I can't. I am reaching the point where I am just ready to sit down and cry from weariness.

What do you people do to sleep?

I've tried Unisom, Nyquil, Xanax, alcohol, food (for those not in the know, I frequently go into fits of "just ate! must sleep _now_!"), and antihistamines. For those who are going to recommend sex, I have always end up peppy post-sex. Warm milk makes me gag. I have taken enough warm baths to drown a whale (please keep your comments to yourself). I have consumed a like amount of sleepytime tea and chamomile and the like. I have taken long walks, and exercised, and exposed myself to fresh air (erm. my lungs, that is.).

I need to do things, and I don't have the energy and am rapidly losing the coherency. This week is going to be unpleasant for other reasons, and I need to get some sleep.

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Well, it ISN'T listen to the woman in the hotel room next to you moan "Oh yeah!" "Oh yeah, baby!" "Right there!" "Oh! Oh! Oh!" in varied combinations for an hour straight.

However. As Eric said, mental relaxation is pretty key. WOrrying about sleeping is, sadly, counter productive. If you have lots of thoughts jumbled in your head, take some time to write them down and try to get them out. Or, maybe there's someone in particular you should talk to to get something off your chest (or maybe a few someones).

Physical relaxation is also a plus. Get a massage. Clear your mind. Relax and stop stressing over whatever it is that is beating you over the head. No matter what it is, you can tackle it better the next day on a full night's sleep.