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Help with sleep?

Ok, I've gotten less than 15 hours of sleep total over the last four nights. I would really really like to sleep. I really really don't know why I can't. I am reaching the point where I am just ready to sit down and cry from weariness.

What do you people do to sleep?

I've tried Unisom, Nyquil, Xanax, alcohol, food (for those not in the know, I frequently go into fits of "just ate! must sleep _now_!"), and antihistamines. For those who are going to recommend sex, I have always end up peppy post-sex. Warm milk makes me gag. I have taken enough warm baths to drown a whale (please keep your comments to yourself). I have consumed a like amount of sleepytime tea and chamomile and the like. I have taken long walks, and exercised, and exposed myself to fresh air (erm. my lungs, that is.).

I need to do things, and I don't have the energy and am rapidly losing the coherency. This week is going to be unpleasant for other reasons, and I need to get some sleep.

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Meditation-type yoga? Lotus position can make me zonk out when nothing else will, although it doesn't always hold as far as the bedroom (a futon in front of droning TV is useful for this).

I admit to also having used coedine and generic darvocet mixed with alcohol in times of extreme fucking desperation, or coedine and pamprin, but these might not be available to you, and you've tried alcohol by itself.

There was a prescription sleeping pill they had me on in Canada, Imovane or Zimovane or something like that, which lost effectiveness gradually over two weeks by design. I don't know if it's like unto Unisom.