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Change in plans.

chichi has another friend who is suffering from a hair emergency, and won't be available until 3. Unfortunately, we live in the land of weirdness, where things close stupidly early on Sundays (like, the optometrist closes at 4), and chichi will be nowhere near the place with the optometrist, so that isn't gonna work. Instead, she's gonna meet me here (at home, that is) tomorrow at 4, and we will go after the Monday concall suck is complete.

So now, I must figure out what to do with the rest of today. Now that plans for the day have fallen through, the idea of having no obligations appeals. I think I might put up the dishes, and run out to Fresh Fields, where I will acquire food and lambic and cheese, and come home and throw things in the crock pot, and lounge around and eat cheese and drink lambic and read comics. (AKA, the solipsistnation plan for weekend happiness.)

But first, I have to get up the energy to do those things. Righto.
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