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So here I was, waiting for the dryer to finish so I could swap loads so I could go try to go to bed for the sixth time today. The dryer finally made the BLAAAAAAAT noise I had been waiting for, and I went to fold the laundry and toss the load from the washer into the dryer. Except. I forgot to close the lid to the washer, so it filled, and then sat there, having not completed its agitatey or spinny functions, lest it spew water all over my pantry. And while I appreciate that, I am now waiting for the washer to finish its duties so that I might throw clothes in the dryer and go to bed, where I will undoubtedly toss and turn for hours on end, but will at least be operating on the assumptiong that I'm trying to sleep, an illusion that is hard to maintain so long as I remain upright and at the keyboard. You know?

In case anyone was wondering, 9.5 hours of sleep over the course of three days is not sufficient.

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