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Hrm. Need to change methodologies, I think.

I feel that I am neglecting my burly-mango journal for this one. I think that this is because whenever I think of something that might be fun to share and let people comment on, I decide to put it here. This means that fewer things are going into my burly-mango journal.

So, I'm going to change how I do things, I think.

All of my 'normal' entries are going to go into both journals. That means that, for anyone who isn't on my friends list (or one of the sub-lists therein), the journals will appear identical. (Other than burly-mango not having moods. Or music. Or bouncing icons. But you know what I mean.)

So, if you're reading this here, you can probably abandon the burly-mango journal, I guess. It makes me sad to think of people moving away from it, but that is still what I consider to be my permanent public journal, and I want to make sure that I don't end up skimping on content there for here.

Those of you privvy to my fits of angst in friends/subgroup lists will, of course, still see that here.

Hrm. Yeah. We'll give this a shot.
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