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I'll take a dozen more, just like this.

Today was just a wonderful day.

I woke up and lounged around in bed, as I am not fit for human interaction right after I wake up. I finished off the book I was reading, and took care of my morning digital diversions. Then kazmat came up and we had a really good long talk, and I babbled her ear off about all sorts of things. After that, we went downstairs, and audiogeek made us french toast (yay!), and we played Scrabble (kazmat kicked my butt quite soundly). Then, it was time to get ready to go to the gathering, and so I showered and pigtailed and makeduped, and audiogeek did the same (well, without the pigtails and the makeup), and we went to fetch ardaniel, and got to the Shoe half an hour late. But that's ok, because there were others who were later. Hee.

I had a terrific time at the Shoe. Chatting with a goodly number of the usual supsects (usagijer, delenn, Zoner, jehanna, solipsistnation, ardaniel, audiogeek, palegreyminion, profesor, bouncingleaf, android, dee, slarti, qedrakmar, prefect), getting to know sillier sides of some people (hee!), getting completely broken by utterly wrong mental images introduced by other friends (damn you, Zoner), having much cider and yummy potato pancakes. I also got to see usagijer and delenn's new car. So cute! Dark dark blue VW new Beetle. Yay!

For once, I was not the person wielding the camera. prefect took charge of my camera early on and managed to take several dozen pictures over the course of the night. (Which means there are actually pictures of me on my camera. Eeep!) We spent a few hours chatting and drinking and laughing and eating and laughing and scritching, and then tumbled outside, where we did the requisite "stand around talk some more" thing. qedrakmar gave me wonderful head scritchies (mmm), and I nearly used up my hug quota for the day.

Then the long drive home, and more goofing around with much of the same people on IRC (geeks, yes we are). And now, I am up here, in the blue room (the room that is blue, I am not in least blue myself), with my laptop and my nifty USB light, in my polar bear pajamas, trying to figure out how to get up early enough to find a way to get corn starch so I can make haupia tomorrow (I was gonna make it when we got home tonight, but audiogeek and kazmat didn't have enough corn starch). I think the answer involves going to sleep Really Soon, but I am, for some reason, really wired. One would have thought that the copious amounts of alcohol (I think it came out to 80 ounces of cider; yeah, 8 10-ounce drinks) I consumed would have made me sleepy, but I never really even got beyond the "nicely buzzed" stage this evening. This happens sometimes, where my alcohol tolerance decides it's He-Man, but it's definitely not something I can count on.

I suppose I should at least be making an effort to go sleep. I'll grab my book and see if that will put me out. Thanks again to all of you who came out to play tonight. I had a wonderful time, as always. *hugs*

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