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Heh. Old habits...

So, Nelson went to bed around 11:30, and I wasn't yet tired, so I decided to watch a movie on my laptop while puttering around. I did that for a while, then stopped puttering to concentrate on the movie. Those of you who know me well might see where this is going... About half an hour ago, I woke up on the couch downstairs, the movie having long ended, having quite comfortably passed out.

Oops. :)

Now I'm upstairs, having checked in with dvorak (who reports that the most exciting thing he did today was take out the trash), changed clothes (yay, flannel pajamas!), tethered all my random eelctronics to their necessary power leads (I pack a separate little bag just for cables, yeesh), and taken my meds (I remembered!). I've found my book light and the little USB lamp thingie that I got, so I think I will take my book and go to bed, and probably get as much as three pages read before I fall back asleep (or, maybe, stay up another hour or three reading).

G'night, folks!
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