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Safely tucked away.

Never fear, the intrepid traveler has once again made her way to the wilds of Massachusetts, despite efforts of disgruntled cab drivers, psychotic cats, suspicious gate agents, and feet that for some reason have decided to feel like they are constantly walking on glass.

So, yeah. Back in Massachusetts. I like it here, though it definitely feels different than home. More spread out (and I never thought I'd get used to how spread out the DC area is, coming from Hawaii), older, crazier drivers (yes, says a Beltway driver). But, there are a lot of people I care about up here, and new things, new places to go, new people to meet. So the trips are good.

Today has been mostly a lazy day once audiogeek and I got back from the airport and some errands. kazmat is not feeling well, so we both did our best to keep her sitting still. Zoner came over to do some yardwork, and geeked about PVRs for a while. I've done work, and introduced kazmat to one of my favorite new fetish clothing sites, and talked to friends online, and even got to nibble on some turkey! (Turkey! Here's a hint: if you ever want me to eat, make a turkey. I am a turkey fiend.)

kazmat has crashed out for the night, and audiogeek and I are in the living room geeking. I am both tired and wired, or "in that autumn mood". Too many things running through my mind, nervous energy, but a deep abiding tired behind my eyes that's been there since I tumbled out of bed at 7:30 this morning and hasn't gone away since.

Tomorrow, amongst other things, I will have to go into Full Boss Mode. It seems that the genius facilities managers at one of our California sites is planning one moving one of my minions into the break room. The other option is to move him into a conference room. What the hell? I will have to try to SMASH! and will likely just get a headache. But, it's what I gotta do. As I was saying on IRC earlier tonight, I didn't want minions, but it's not like I can just let my minions have crappy lives just because I don't want to play boss. (The break room!?)

I will also see good friends tomorrow, and that will be a lot of fun. And more friends on Saturday. And then, Sunday, I will go home and collapse. Oh, and for those who have been following the saga, I do indeed have a mode of transport to the pissup, so thanks to all who offered alternate means (Zoner, [Bad username: palegreyminion,], prefect, usagijer and shama), and I will see you guys there. ardaniel, we can even provide you with transport to/from, if you need.

Ok, I appear to have been babbling, so I shall let you go. Perhaps I can get the framework up for lizzie's site tonight. That would be good.

More later, probably. *wave*

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