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Warning: more than you wanted to know.

Have I mentioned that I am really dreading having my first period in ... five years? My periods have always been horrible crampy affairs that put me into bed for about 3 days out of every month, curled up into a ball and mewling. One of the reasons I have an ulcer was that I would take massive amounts of Advil every month (about 20 a day for 4 or 5 days) during my periods. I am now in the 'off' week for my patch, and in theory, my period should start Any Day Now. Though, some women have reported it taking up to a year for their periods to return after coming off the Depo. I figure that my luck isn't that good, though. Especially since I'll be travelling this week.

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Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. I don't remember the Pill helping the periods a whole lot, but that was about a decade ago, so my memory could be fuzzy. I tend to think that if the Pill had helped, I wouldn't have abandoned it so easily. Bleah. If worst comes to worst, my nurse practioner chick said that we can investigate only having quarterly patchess weeks, and then I'd only have periods four times a year.

Still dreading all this. Gah.

(Erm. Yeah. Well, you did reply to a clearly warned post!) :)
I know when I was on the Pill for a while, my period totaly changed, and it took about a year for it to go back to "normal". So I would not be surprised if it took your body a bit of time to adjust.

I'll keep my fingers crossed. The only person I actually know in real life who came off of Depo ended up getting her period her very next cycle. She, too, had been hoping for a reprieve.

Wish me luck! :)