meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Monday, Monday.

One conference call down, two to go. I really should reschedule some of these calls, since two of the three Monday meetings are mine. I just hate the idea of infecting even more of my days with meetings. Hrm.

Work things are continuing apace, which is to say, they're blowing up. This was expected, so isn't anything of a surprise. And there's not a whole lot I can do about this particular round of blow-ups, so I will attempt to just do my job and not stress about them.

I need to do laundry for my trip, but should first figure out exactly what I'll be taking with me. I mean, I packed a huge suitcase during the summer, when clothes were only bulky because I'm fat. Now, I have to add in sweaters and the like, and it is making me flummoxed. *waves hands*

Also, I want to see folks while I'm up, but feel bad about having to have people fetch me, but am not comfortable with driving up there just yet, but but but. Ah, well, it will get figured out.
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