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I went and fetched Nyarla this afternoon, and let myself into the house (the door was open, and this is not uncommon). Nobody downstairs. I start hallo-ing, and still no response. I go to the foot of the stairs and shout up a greeting, and hear a woof! Lightning watchdog, that Zeus. :)

Nyarla and I went to Sally's Beauty, and went gaga over the wide selection of makeup, hair dyes, hair care supplies, nail care supplies, and other miscellaneous beauty junk. I needed more lipsticks. Really. I did. Then we stopped at Total Crafts, where I escaped with a mere $6.00 of stuff! After that, was food at Subway, since it was right there and stuff.

After the errands, I kidnapped Nyarla and brought her back to the apartment and made her tell me what clothes of mine coordinated with the new skirts that I have and the others that are on the way. But, I did compensate her for her time. I decided to prune my bag collection, and pawned off a bunch of things on her. Then I decided to prune my Sanrio collection some, and she inherited a bunch of it. For those who don't realize exactly what this entails, I have decided that, when I lose my job, I could probably support myself selling off excess bags, Sanrio stuff, and office supplies. No, really. Me giving Nyarla bags and Sanrio stuff is like Nyarla giving me makeup. We can divest ourselves of huge amounts of stuff, and not notice a dent in our personal collections. We then played with packet, hellcat from the world beyond for a while, and escaped unscathed.

I finally decided to return Nyarla home, by way of CVS, where we got sucked into the makeup again, and the hair stuff. But we did actually remember to get what we actually went there for (an ankle brace for Nyarla, as she twisted / thumped her ankle in her yard earlier in the day), so that was good. I dropped Nyarla off at home, and waved at huey, and came back here, where I am going to sort through today's gatherings, and start dumping episodes from the Monk marathon to VHS for Nyarla, and maybe even finally get around to redyeing my hair.

A busy weekend thus far, but a really good one.

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