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Phase one of fun: complete.

Ok, that was a unmitigated success.

I went and fetched comics, and found a
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Ok, that was a unmitigated success.

I went and fetched comics, and found a <a href="href="">Drinky Crow</a> for Nyarla. By the time I left the comic book store, I was definitely going to be late getting to Nyarla's. I've come to the realization that I seem to think that everything is 20 minutes away, regardless of reality. Nyarla posits that this is because I'm from Hawaii, where everything mostly <i>is</i> 20 minutes away.

I got to Nyarla's, late, but that was ok, because Nyarla was still getting ready, and Jenn was playing with the aminals. (Oh sure. Strega decides to like Jenn right off the bat, whereas it took Strega <i>years</i> to warm up to me.) I also delivered the fluffy squeaky toy that I bought for Zeus a few days ago, and that seemed to be a hit.

We made it to the Salvation Army, and had a blast. So many horrible clothes, with the infrequent gem snuck in in the midst of it all. I, of course, had a harder time than Jenn or Nyarla, since they are Normal Sized, and I am not. Most of the things that I found, I didn't find, but Jenn or Nyarla did, and handed to me. (Yay, them.) I also tried to find a men's suit jacket to replace my beloved one that packet peed on years ago, but to no avail. It seems that, while there are an abundance of large men out there, there just aren't that many of them out there with breasts. Go figure.

Where I <i>did</i> win was in the coats section. In fact, I got three! A leather A-line, a velvet-trimmed houndstooth, and a wool coat, all long, all fit wonderfully. In addition to the coats, I got a couple of skirts, and a cute sweater vest, and a wonderful pair of velvet heels that just might work with The Dress (other than me having to learn to walk in heels, that is).

There is also a wonderful black metal piping and glass vanity with matching stool that I <i>must</i> own. I would have bought it today, except there was no price on it, and they wouldn't (couldn't?) make up one on the spot. But! They will be pricing it on Monday. So, that will give me time to find a place to put the darn thing. <tt>:)</tt>

All in all, a great time. Jenn and Nyarla both found some great stuff, especially Jenn, who is horribly cute even <i>before</i> we started throwing clothes at her. Hee. Much giggling. Much squealing. Much staring in horror.

And don't forget the cookie barn that plays the theme to Green Acres. No shopping expedition is complete without one.
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