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I think I just used up all of my karma.

I just brushed packet. And lived. Am, actually, completely unharmed. Of course, I prepared for this event by dressing in jeans and a thick shirt. (After a brief abortive attempt where I was wearing shorts and a velvet shirt. Do not brush a long-haired cat while wearing a velvet shirt, unless you want a long-haired-cat-shirt.)

I used a cunning ploy, wherein I situated pounce such that packet had to come close to me to get it, and each time she did, I would swipe at her with the dematting brush. So, the two big mats from where she can't reach herself on her back are gone, and she is stoned on Pounce and catnip, and I don't have to feel like an evil pet owner for having a cat walk around with tribbles on her back.


However, in order to make up for the fortuitous lack of seemingly inevitable injury, I think I shall have to sit perfectly still for the rest of the week, lest an anvil drop from the skies and squoosh me, or a train derails in my path, or some such.
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