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Tally ho!

8 minutes until I get to play wake-up marm for my friends. The plan is to meet online at noon to figure out exact plans for the day. The general plans are to tackle a couple of local used book sales (because, you know, I need more books), and then to head over to Nazgul's to hang out for a while and meet JD, his kitty. Sadly, it looks like coyote won't be joining us, as other oddities of life have popped up.

Things today are feeling pretty ok. Cleaning the ear this morning wasn't horribly pleasant, but it didn't leave me whimpering in a ball like last night, so that's an improvement. My calves are still kind of twitchy, but nothing I can't handle. So long as my knees don't give out with all the walking today, I think I'll make it.

Righto. Time to finish getting ready. Aloha!

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