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So, the Gweeps had a pissup tonight to celebrate the end of Nothing's Easy Month. I was despondent because I was unable to attend, being in the wrong state and all. At some point while I was away from the computer showering, profesor got online and was asking for my phone number, but I was not around. It seems that they were going to call me and toast me a round of drinks. Awww. Thanks, guys. You're keen!

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I wasn't in a Magner's mood last night, so I tried to get Woodchuck, but they were out. And that's all they had for cider. I wound up with an Old Peculier, which was mighty tasty, and had that one for you instead. Not girly enough, but maybe bdragon made up for it with his tequila sunrise froofy drink :)

Maybe sometime when you're up here we'll hit the Sunset, which iirc has Strongbow on tap. And better food. :)

But yes hi meri! We thought of you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Hey, we did toast you (a bunch of people got cider, even!), you just weren't around to hear it. :}