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So, based upon palegreyminion recommendation, I got in touch with the people at Always for Me, and I explained that I am in love with the dress, and that I would love to be able to wear it to a winter party, but that the timing would mean having to order it this week, but that I won't have the money until next month, and when would they charge me, and and and?

I must have sounded sufficiently trustworthy or friendly or desperate or some cmbination therein, because they said that they would do some financial juggling with me to let me achieve all of my dressy dreams! Whoot! I'm going to go over to Nyarla's tonight to get my measurements retaken, so they can be as accurate as possible, and place the order tomorrow.

*bounce* Dress!
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I'm glad... The dress looks really cool. I'm looking forward to seeing your perky cuteness in a black gothish dress :) (Your perky cuteness... it almost sounds like something you'd say when addressing royalty)

Perhaps I'll have to dress up all formal like too... hmmm wonder what kazmat would wear?
OK... I'm color blind, as apparently the picture is green. I swear that on my computer in the office it was black :)
*grin* Don't worry, you're still right. While the dress in the picture is indeed dark green (and it shows up almost black on a couple of my monitors, too), I am ordering the black version. I mean, what kind of goth would I be if I didn't? :)
Yaaay dress, yaaay company that knows how to treat its customers!

(btw, I'm not usually a dress person, but that dress is GORGEOUS! :-) You must take pictures when it arrives.