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This whole prescription thing is getting out of hand. I am up to 6 prescriptions that I fill on a monthly basis, to the tune of $110 a month. And there's no end in sight for any of the prescriptions. Yeesh. (This bit of information has been brought to you by my having picked up 3 prescriptions today and shelling out $60 for the privlege.)

I did go to pick up more fun flavored bottled waters at BJ's today, which is good. dvorak and I are both going to try to cut down on soda / juice consumption for water. I'd really like to get a water dispenser thingie, but have absolutely no place to put one. So, until then, I just work on drinking water via other methods. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a goober.

Still haven't cleaned out that other piercing very well. I'm going to go take a shower soon, and I'll try. Though, perhaps trying this someplace soft and padded instead of slippery and porcelain would be good, so if I manage to make myself faint, it won't result in a trip to the ER.

Planning ahead, I am!
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