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Things which were not considered...

Sleeping last night was... interesting... what with the new piercings in my ears, and the fact that I always sleep on my side. Sleeping on my left side was less painful than sleeping on my right side, but I tend to toss and turn a lot, switching from side to side. I would then get the bright idea that I could prop my head up with my hand, which would have worked fine... if not for the wrist splints. Oops.

Then, I went to get on my 11AM conference call, and I put my headset on and... ow. It stopped hurting quite as much after a couple of minutes, but it was a nice little shock to help wake me up, I guess.

Cleaning this morning was mostly ok. The two lobe piercings cleaned easily, once I loosened them up. The cartilage piercing, on the other hand, didn't. And, actually, hasn't. Touching the piercing is still very much something I like avoiding, as it hurts quite a bit. But, I'm going to have to tackle that soonish, as I have already experienced my ears trying to fall off, and given the choice, would rather not do it again.

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