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All in all, a pretty awesome day.

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After a brief appointment this morning, I met up with Jenn back at the house. Then, joined by G, we went out to a very tasty lunch at a little Chinese / Japanese restaurant. We deposited G back at home, and went to have our toes painted, which was amusing all on its own. The bulk of the day was spent with knitting and “Burn Notice,” topped off by some yummy nachos for dinner. Many thanks to Jenn for all the awesome!

Where in Burn Notice are you? I really enjoyed the series but felt it lost its way in the last season.

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I concur with your assessment. It every so often faltered, but always righted itself, which made the last season more difficult, because I kept waiting for it to right itself again. It should have ended better.
Y'know, I don't think the chichi gets nearly enough credit for being awesome.

Here's something you didn't know: she and I once had an intimate dinner together at Amphora, wherein we sang a rousing rendition of Rogers & Hammerstein's "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Meri?"

...we didn't really come up with any fucking answers, mind you, but I'd like to think that we both walked away with a mutual understanding of our love for you.
... I absolutely did not know this. But I kind of want to hear the song. (I'm also not sure whether to be touched, or dismayed that I am a problem to be solved, or both.)

You are correct about the fact that the world does not heap sufficient accolades upon chichi. Mind you, this will pretty much continue to be the case until there is a national holiday honoring her. But, you are also pretty cool yourself, and prone to forget that at the weirdest times.
I hate it when my software decides to act on its own.
[I have no freakin' clue why this nearly-four-year-old post chose to rear its head at this moment. I blame a WordPress plugin.]