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Like I need a hole in my... oh right.

Home again, home again, now with 3 extra holes in my ears. Yup, I went ahead and got all three. I came to this decision after the first (and most likely to be traumatic) piercing failed to be all that painful. I mean, it was certainly sharp for a couple of moments, but less painful than I had anticipated, and a lot less painful than the root canal last week. As an added bonus, sitz's friends the piercey lady and her roommate were both really cool, as were their aminals. Two gorgeous pit bulls, and a friendly cat, and all smart to boot. (And the springy thingie! So neat!)

I should write more, but my wrists are still really frumple from yesterday, so I think I will give them a break. Suffice it to say that many holes were made (3 in me, 1 in huey, 1 in Ny, and sitz was sitting down as I left), and that I didn't faint or anything like that. Yay!

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