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Pink snakes, going in circles, you can't get there from here.

I am very tired, but I have been falling out of the habit of backtracking to fill in updates, so I figured I should give this a shot before heading off to bed to collapse.

Today managed to be a mostly good day for me, even what with the self-loathing of this morning and the general crappiness of my friends' days. This evening has taken a more annoying turn, but the day itself wasn't bad at all.

My parking karma worked again, and we got a spot in B lot almost immediately, even though I had to convince the lot attendant to let us wait for a spot. Then, the weather held out, even though it was a little warmer than I had hoped. We even had a nice breeze for the first part of the afternoon, which was a good thing, since we spent that time tackling the beginning of the Valley Trail. For those not familiar with the Zoo>, the Valley Trail is a big hilly trail, and has some little hiking (ok, city hiking, but hilly and steep) bits. It didn't help matters that we got lost around the bird area, which was reminiscent of the last time this happened, back in 1997, when dvorak and I did the exact same thing.

We eventually found our way out of there, and continued along, oohing and aahing at the aminals that were visible, and stopping in the various buildings along the Valley Trail. (Of particular fun were the beavers and the otters. They are so cool. And the beavers are huge! Egads. And it is very hot and humid in Amazonia. Go figure.) We camped out for a while at the pavilion next to what used to be the Mane Restaurant (closed for rebuilding) and waited for Jenn's cousin Eric to come play, which he did. Then we continued on, and I got to obssess over prairie dogs, which is always a good thing. (They're so cute! I kind of regret not getting one years and years ago when I had the chance when Steve and I saw one for sale in a pet store in Portland. On the other hand, I think a lone prairie dog would be kind of sad. So, I guess it's for the best.) But! They have closed the red panda exhibit! Wagh! It's supposed to be temporary, so I'm hoping for a quick return.

We ended up missing pretty much all the buildings on Olmstead Walk since we went up that way too late. (Yes, that's right. We got to the zoo at 12:30, and didn't make it to Olmstead Walk until after 4:00. Did I mention we did a lot of walking today?) But, we still had a good time, and the day reinforced how much I'm enjoying spending time with jenn. (sitz had long maintained that she and I were not allowed to meet each other. I'm starting to understand why.)

On the way out of DC, my standard Connecticut Avenue to H Street to 14th Street route was completely disrupted. See, I should have thought of this. jenn did think of this, but I looked at the little road closure map, and thought we would be ok. For some silly reason, I thought the madness would be contained. Oh, wondering what I was talking about? We foolishly went into the city on the day of the latest round of IMF protests. Connecticut was blocked at I Street, and all we could see up ahead were plumes of white smoke, so that probably wasn't a good sign. The next several routes we tried to take out of the city were similarly blocked, and we had to get out of the way of a police convoy completely with flashing lights once, but we finally made our way out of the city via the Memorial Bridge. If sitz and jenn, who had a clue where they were going, weren't with me, things would have been much more iffy, but as it was, it was mostly just amusing.

I am very sore, and very tired, and for some inexplicable reason, my left wrist has decided to completely freak out, even though I haven't typed much today, or lifted anything, or used my arm weirdly. But, it was a mostly good day, discounting evening psychological weirdness, and I am very glad I went out to play today.

Tomorrow should be interesting. 3 meetings (standard Monday schedule now; 3 concalls back to back), and then going to get holes poked in me tomorrow night with Nyarla and sitz. Yayfun.

I think I go flee the computer for a while. For the night, probably. G'night.

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