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Your mission...

You all have to help me out. You have to find a reason for me to buy this dress. It is gorgeous, and comes in merisizes, and and and. (However, if you do come up with something I can wear it to, you have to give me at least 8 weeks' notice, since it takes that long to get the dress.)

Go! Help me rationalize!
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Your reason: To let me ogle you.
Date: Eight weeks hence.
Locale: Someplace... private.

Sound good? Let me know when you order the dress and I'll mark my calendar. 8) need to buy it, because then when I'm dithering about buying one myself I can think, "well, meri bought one, why shouldn't I?" :)

And you can wear it to Man Ray when you're visiting. We can both go. We'll be like twins. Except not. :)
You need to buy it for the Gweep GLOG calendar. You need to buy it now so that we can get pictures of you in it in time for the January release date of the GLOG calendar.
I could make the Gweepco Xmas party "formal-optional" so you could wear that dress, and I could wear my new formal that I bought for a friend's wedding.

Plus, anyone else who really likes dressing up super fancy could wear their's too!
As does my plethora of silk tops and black corderoy trousers, or my red velvet dress or...