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(Almost) Finished project.

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This morning, I was able to bind off the Lapidarius scarf that I’ve been working on for Jenn.

2014.09.20 : Lapidarius scarf. Knitting complete. Unblocked.

The original pattern called for 12 repeats of a 48-row pattern. This, when including the 6 rows of garter stitch at each end, was supposed to produce a 5′ long scarf. However, I had extra yarn, and Jenn likes long scarves, so I kept going, working 20 repeats of the pattern. Based upon my rough (pre-blocking) measurements, I think that the scarf is going to be about 10 feet long, or nearly twice Jenn’s height (!!).

Using the basic knowledge that each row in the pattern is 67 stitches, let’s do some math:

               Cast on row (1 x 67) : 67
   6 rows of garter stitch (6 x 67) : 402
20 repeats x 48 rows (20 x 48 x 67) : 64,320
  6 rows of garter stitch: (6 x 67) : 402
              Bind off row (1 x 67) : 67
                              Total : 65,258 stitches

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: never do the knitting math. If you stop to think about exactly what you’re doing, you’ll never start a project.

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