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Just got home again. I left home at 6:10, planning on having plenty of time to get to the comic book store before meeting people for dinner. However, I had forgotten that it had been raining all day, and that people in Virginia can't drive when it rains. So, it took me 50 minutes to get from my house to the junction where I would either have to turn left to go to the restaurant or right to go to the comic book store, and it was 2 minutes to 7, with the store closing at 7, and dinner plans for 7. Right, then.

Dinner was a blast, even though other members of the party were delayed in much the same way I was, but with much more in the way of delays (poor sitz didn't get there until 7:40). I was very impressed with all of the food at Sunflower. Even if you're not vegetarian, or even very fond of vegetables, I think that you'd like it. Yes, YOU! GO! There was much silliness going on, as is to be expected, what with the dinner company being me, huey, nyarla, coyote, sitz, and jenn.

After dinner, everyone else fled, leaving just sitz and I to go to play pool. We went to Shark Club over by the office, and I played very bad pool. But, it was the most eerie situation. I was standing there, pool cue in hand, surrounded by young Asian people, most of whom were smoking, and there was loud techno music playing. I had to work very hard to convince myself that I was not standing in Hawaiian Brian's, and that there wasn't my crappy little Tercel (that I loved to death) sitting outside, and that ... well, it was just weird.

After I decided that I had made a fool of myself enough for one evening, we fled the pool hall, and I gave into the lure of TrapMart being right next door. Then, home again, and here I am.

Oh, and it looks like the Zoo trip originally slated for me and Nyarla for Saturday is being moved to Sunday, and more people will be coming along. Yay! Aminals!


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