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Help meri choose beads.

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If you’re here, you probably know that I’ve decided to knit the Shipwreck shawl, shown below. (More pictures available by following the link.)

I have ordered the yarn shown below, which is Hand Maiden Sea Silk (70% silk, 30% seacell; the seacell seemed oddly appropriate for the project).

The shawl calls for 5,000 size 8/0 beads. I need help choosing which beads to use. Thanks to a suggestion from Deidre, I’ve narrowed it down to iris beads, which I love. But now, the hard choice: color.

Here’s where you come in.

Let me know which one of these you would go with. Since there are going to be 5,000 of the things, you can choose up to 2 different colors, if you think they’ll mix and match well.

I know which ones (yes, there are two) I’m leaning towards, but I also know I have a lot of artistic, creative, visually-aware friends out there, so give a girl a hand, will ya? :)  

Option A
Option B
Option C

Option D
Option E
Option F

Option G




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For me options C, E and G are just a bit to bright to highlight the yarn. I really like A and would probably go with that and either B and D for contrast.
I like B & F - but then again, the purple is what draws my eye. :)
Given the yarn and the name of the pattern, definitely A. Maybe throw in a minority of E for contrasting bead highlights, or possibly G for contrast in shape as well as color.
Option G is actually a size 8/0 Delica, a specialty bead that has a larger hole and has a harder edge. I'd not use an 8/0 Delica for this.

I really love the color of that yarn and want to make it sparkle. I choose Option D because it won't fight with the yarn color-wise.
And as expected, I completely disagree with Bauer. *shocked face* (We never did agree on bead color combos.)