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Itty Bitty Xes.

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I’ve always been a crafty chick, going back to childhood. Over the years, I’ve been engrossed in any number of different crafts. Until knitting took over my brain, I was really in to cross-stitch. Really in to cross-stitch.

Since I’ve had a couple of knitting disappointments over the last few months, I’ve decided that I need to rediversify my crafty time. Thanks to G (flooring) and Jenn (stitching stand), I have an awesome setup for returning to cross stitch. I figured I’d start with a simple project, since I already have a horribly complex one that’s been going for years now. Apparently, my idea of simple is all sorts of skewed, as I ended up with this kit.

Elegance of the Orient



But, I’ve made pretty decent progress so far.

Itty Bitty XesSimple!


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