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Ask LazyWeb: Post Google-Reader world?

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As you all know by now (because I’m always the last one to find out these things), Google Reader is going away. Now, I rarely use Reader directly, but all of the RSS clients I’ve used in the last couple of years have used Reader as their backends.

So now I ask you, dear Interwebs: What are you going to do after July 1st? How are you going to get your RSS fix? More importantly, how are you going to get your RSS fix across all of your devices without re-reading / re-marking articles?

My wishlist is pretty simple, I think: web interface, iDevice (iPhone, iPad) interface, ability to keep everything in sync.

It’s almost enough for me to want to set up my own RSS aggregator, which is just dumb. Save me from my own stupidity, please, and help me figure out a better solution.

There is no better solution than the one you describe as "dumb". You control it so it will never go away without your consent. You manage it so it will do precisely what you need it to do. What could possibly be better than that?

Edit: something like this:
Edit 2: or the more actively maintained Tiny Tiny RSS:

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