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A class to dye for.

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Yay! The day has finally come! In about half an hour, I’ll be heading off to a yarn dyeing class in Baltimore. As excited as I am, I do have concerns.

Concern the first: I had a bad energy / pain relapse yesterday, and spent most of the day in bed. I woke up this morning feeling much better, but the class is going to involve a good amount of standing, which really tires me out. I did, however, swap emails with the class instructor, explaining my situation, and she seems more than willing to be accommodating, so hopefully it will work out.

Concern the second: The class provides gloves, and I’ll be bringing my own as well, so hopefully that will handle the “but is meri allergic to the dye?” problem.

Concern the third: Clothing. We’re supposed to wear clothing we don’t mind getting dye on. If it were summer time, I’d be set, as I have any number of shorts or capris I’d be willing to sacrifice. But, given that it’s winter, and that I really only have about 2 pairs of ‘fit for outside use’ pants, it’s more problematic. I think I’m going to end up wearing sweats and a ratty t-shirt. I really hate wearing sweats outside, because it just reinforces the “oh, look, a fat chick who can’t dress herself” stereotype. But, I’m not sure my hate overrides my willingness to sacrifice one of the two pairs of presentable pants that I own, you know?

Ah well. There’s only so much I can do about these concerns at this point. What I need to do is get ready, including taking my meds with me, and head out, prepared to have fun.

Speaking of having fun, G left at the ridiculous hour of 5:30 this morning to pick up his dad and then to head down to Richmond. They’re going to FrostFest, “the Mid-Atlantic’s largest winter HAMfest.” I with them a safe and hassle-free drive, and fun at the expo. Not my thing, but then, I suspect they’d be bored silly at Stitches East. :)

Right. Clothes. Supplies. Purse. Keys. Driving.


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