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Change in plans.

Ok, due to vagaries in trying to get reservations at Melting Pot, the plans with Nazgul, Nyarla, and huey have changed. We will be postponing our venture until next weekend. This weekend has new and different plans now. Tomorrow, dvorak and I will be going out to Melting Pot. Then, on Sunday, Nyarla and I are going to venture into DC and assault the Dupont Circle region. Plans currently involve getting lunch at Teaism, browsing through Ginza, strolling through Beadazzled, maybe stopping in at Olsson's and/or KramerBooks. And finally, we will be going to see the new Margaret Cho bit at the movies. Luckily, I am mostly destitute, so I can do this with impunity, having no money to spend. :) I do wish it were going to be a little bit cooler on Sunday, but the cooler weather is definitely on the way. I ache for fall and winter, which is something this Hawaii girl never thought she'd say. But between all the extra insulation I have in the way of excess weight and the truly vile DC summers... yeah, feeling a chill in the air would be a nice change.
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