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The floor, it is not comfortable.

I had a crappy time sleeping last night, and ended up finally giving up on the whole 'sleep' thing around 8:30 this morning. I did some work, getting some things straightened out, and decided to take another shot at this whole 'free clothes' thing at Lane Bryant. I was a bit more successful today, though I admit to being baffled by how it is that I'm losing weight but gaining inches around my tummy, putting me firmly between two pants sizes. (To quote weds, "pants.") So now I have 2 pairs of jeans in a size that are just slightly too tight, and two pairs of jeans in a size that is just slightly too baggy and poofy. How horribly frustrating. If I were an optimist, I wouldn't have gotten the larger ones, but, well, I'm not. I got a really nifty sweater duster thingie (yes, usagijer, for when my sweaters get dusty). Pretty blues and greys, falling down to my ankles. Tres nifty. And a coat. I have a coat now. It's more of a windbreaker / rain jacket thingie, but it's neat, and it's good to have a coat that isn't my big wool coat, and that I don't have to worry about rain in like my suede coat. And, yeah, stuff. Yay, free clothes.

Then I came home, and did more work, and became completely baffled by the decisions made by one of my co-workers / soon to be / kind of already minion. Spent a while getting that straightened out, and have basically been staring dumbly at things ever since. The lack of sleep from last night has basically kept me from doing anything useful, and it's insanely frustrating.

I did, however, get permission to go back up to Massachusetts next month ([me, to boss] Did you get my request to go up to MA next month? [boss] No, but I'm sure it's ok.), so that is good. As soon as I get finances figured out, I'll be buying tickets. And, kazmat has promised that we get to play pool. Yay! Pool!

Dishes. I think I will go do the dishes now.

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