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La la laaaaaa.

Mmm. Sleepy. Lazy. Lethargic. Comfy. Still no chicken long rice. Full of delivery lo mein, instead. Kind of cleaned around the desk. Picked up more meds. Didn't buy Icewind Dale II. Didn't buy clothes, going to try again tomorrow. Asked boss for permission to go back to Massachusetts next month (yes, 3 trips in two months; leave me alone). Forgot to wear wrist splints most of today. (Oops.) Made plans with Nazgul and Nyarla and huey (and maybe even dvorak!) for this weekend. Sent lots of mail. Made a database on my Visor to keep track of my lipsticks (yes, yes). Asked for input on scheduling a weekly meeting. Talked with some old friends. Got a surprise present of a bottle of lambic from shodan (yay, shodan!). Stared off into space. Stressed. Told myself to stop stressing. Saw friends having problems, stressed some more, tried to help. Told myself no, I can't start smoking again. Bought kitty litter.

You get the idea.
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you know
I'm starting to really anticipate the making of the chicken long rice, even though I don't live close enough to you to have some, and I don't eat chicken anyway.

I think when you have finally made it, I will have a small chicken-long-rice-celebration. I'll have Thai vegetable soup, which is as close as my kitchen gets to what I imagine chicken long rice is (the soup has rice noodles, and the vegetable flavor is what I have in place of chicken soup).

* leaf readies a "yay chicken long rice!"
Re: you know
Hee hee! You can have your celebratory dinner! I finally made it tonight, and even fed shodan. :)