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A query for the TCP/IP geeks.

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I’m listening to an audiobook which has a lot to do with the Internets. It’s a pretty good book, and part of a pretty good series, but there is one consistent mispronunciation that’s driving me nuts. However, upon further reflection, I realized that it’s remotely possible that I’ve been saying the phrase incorrectly all these years. I’m fairly certain that, if I am, I’m far from alone. But, it’s always good to check these things. That’s where you come in.

The mispronunciation in question comes about when the acronym TTL is expanded and the component words are said individually. Do you say the last word as:

  • the last syllable in the word ‘alive’, or
  • the first syllable in the word ‘livid’

Like I said, I’m pretty sure I know which way this is going to go, because the term just doesn’t make sense to me the other way. But I never underestimate the ability of the world to surprise me.

apropos: ,
The first syllable in the word "livid", since it's a countdown timer to the death of the packet and not a countup timer to its birth!
That said, I don't remember ever expanding the acronym except once in a definition on a test.
Yeah, the first syllable in the word 'livid'.....saying it the other way just doesn't make any sense....
i've seen things you network layers wouldn't believe
load balancers on fire off the shoulder of the router.
i watched christmas tree packets glitter in the dark near the network bridge.
all those moments will be lost in time, like dropped packets.
time to die.

yeah no it's like livid, i literally cannot see that acronym without hearing rutger hauer talking about death
Back when I was a TCP/IP geek, it was like the first syllable of "livid," but it's been 15 years. Perhaps the language has evolved since then. :)

Although before I was a TCP/IP geek I was enough of a hardware geek that I first read "TTL" in your entry as "Transistor-to-Transistor Logic."

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