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Second sock failure

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While I was last in Massachusetts, I made a sock. (See below.) It is a pretty cool sock, but sadly, is only one sock. In order for it to be truly useful, there needs to be a second sock. Based upon my adventures thus far, that may be a long time coming.

Since I came to the conclusion yesterday that working on SSMS #3 while watching the Olympics was just asking for errors, I decided to work on the second sock. The leg of the sock is a simple 2×2 ribbing, meaning that it’s fairly safe in the category of TV knitting. I had made good progress, finishing the leg, and getting ready to turn the heel before going to bed last night.

This morning, I prepped for turning the heel. Since I knit the leg on a single 12″ circular needle, and would be working the heel and gusset on 2 24″ circular needles, I needed to transfer the live stitches to different needles. I was in the middle of this process when Sprocket (our wool-obsessed boy cat) ran up, grabbed the sock, and ran off with it. By the time I caught up with him (mobility is a very weak point for me at the moment), he’d managed to get most of the sock off the needles and had gotten a claw stuck in the yarn. My attempt to free him ended up ripping the yarn, about halfway up my finished leg.

So, I am now back to 0% completion on my second sock. I think I’m actually at a negative completion point, because I have to unravel the bit that I have, get rid of the torn section, and wind the rest of the ball. And consider locking a cat in the basement for the next year or so.


Tags: craftiness, keetons, knitting, mpod, sprocket

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