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Checking in.

Ok, let's see. I haven't heard anything back on the Sun service PO, so maybe I did it right the first time. I went to the post office, and I checked my mail (goodness, I get a lot of mail), and failed to mail the package to mom because I forgot to make a mailing label, and didn't feel like dealing with it at the post office. We ended up eating out (yay, Korean BBQ!), so I won't be cooking tonight, which means I didn't have to go to the grocery store, and also that I don't have to do the dishes (giving them more time to gain sentience). I did get my copy of Monsters, Inc., as well as picking up the next couple Alex Delaware books. I figured out that I can't schedule the maintenance that I wanted to schedule, and am trying to deal with the ramifications of that. I took dvorak to the dentist. I can't find my boss to discuss meeting schedules. The agenda is set for the meeting tomorrow. I haven't updated my meds list yet. I got new lightbulbs for the booklight. I failed to get the list of things what need fixing around the apartment to the leasing office. I tried to give it to the maintenance guys who came to fix the toilet, but they wouldn't take it (harumph).

But, I've mostly done good so far today. I wanna take a nap now.
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