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Today's to-do list.

Lots of things to do today in preparation for tomorrow's Day of Suck. (Just trust me on this one. Tomorrow is going to suck lots.)

I already sent in the purchase order request for our portion of the Sun Service contract, though I suspect that something will be deemed incorrect and be sent back to me for revision. I have to poke the maintenance people about coming to fix the broken toilet in the master bedroom. I need to go to the post office and check my mail and mail this package to mom. I want to go to the grocery store and get some chicken so I can (finally) make chicken long rice tonight. I want to stop and pick up a copy of Monsters, Inc. on DVD so I can have something cute and fuzzy to watch tonight in an effort to relax before the aforementioned Day of Suck. I need to make some progress on trying to beat people into doing migration tasks, which is always an interesting process. I need to get together with some folks and schedule a maintenance for later this week (oh dear, I'm running out of later this week). I need to do the dishes so I can do the aforementioned cooking. I have to take dvorak to the dentist. I need to talk to my boss and see about finding a good time to schedule yet another weekly conference call. I need to make sure the agenda is all good to go for the staff meeting tomorrow. I need to update my list of meds that I take so I can tell the doctor tomorrow. I need a new light bulb for my book light. I need to turn in the list of things that need fixing to the apartment complex.

I think that's about it.

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