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A solid week of music.

I have all of my MP3s on random here. 6,956 MP3s. 481 hours, 35 minutes, and 45 seconds of music. I actually own the CDs behind all of these MP3s (minus two songs: the performance of 'The C Days of Y2K' and the performance of 'OSPF'). I have maybe 30 CDs that need to be added to this pile.

This is a lot of music.

Apple needs to release a 40G iPod. While the 20G is tempting, I already have 25G of MP3s, and just want to be able to dump all of my MP3s to a device. Creative has announced a 40G Nomad Jukebox, but I am so leery of Playcenter.

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(minus two songs: the performance of 'The C Days of Y2K' and...

Uh. I was just trolling through random LJs and this is just... weird.

The world, it is small. Very small.
Hee. Hiya, catness. I haven't been here for long. Besides, 'The C Days of Y2K' rules.

Haven't seen you on IRC in a while, though. Glad to see that karate goes well, and hope everything else is grand as well.

And yes, the world seems to shrink a bit every day.