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Only me.

The flight was uneventful, and largely empty. I did get a teeny bit of sleep, but it was more dozing than restful. Getting my bag was easy (it was kind of amusing, there were so few people on the flight, with so few bags, that they didn't actual run the conveyer belt thingie around. They just ran it long enough to dump the bags out, and stopped.), as was getting back to the car. The drive home was also uneventful, as both kazmat and I were zombies.

About the only thing of note is that I managed to tear up the inside of my left arm at the elbow. On my backpack. Sometimes, it is entertaining, this being me thing.
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problems only meris have, part n
meri is eaten by her own backpack...
film at 11.


p.s. yay meri visit! looking forward to seeing you soon.