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Someone start working on this.

just occurred to me that someone should write a LJ client for PalmOS for those of us who have wireless net on our PDAs. Quick! Someone who knows what they’re doing, start working on this! Not you, slarti. You’ve still got the teleporter / wormhole thing to work on.
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Hey, your posts show up on "friends of susboid", a rather convenient way of keeping up with lots of folks I want to read. *hug*

The Procmail recipe is simple enough:

:2b: # LiveJournal experiment
^Subject: journal live phone
^to: dglenn
| $HOME/bin/clive -u dglenn -w XXXXX -s "Phone Update"

I should make it check to make sure the message is actually from my cell phone, and will stick in a test for that sometime in the near future (just in case someone reads this and gets the idea to forge a post from me using it), but for the initial version I just relied on a subject line not likely to occur by accident.