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At the airport.

Well, the huge hassle of getting to the airport pretty much ended up being a non-event. I got downstairs a few minutes before 7, and at 7 on the dot, the cab rolled up. The driver took the back way to the airport (which I think I’ve remembered this time), and I was at the airport by 7:20, checked in by 7:25, and at the gate 20 minutes later. Most of the delay in getting to the gate was spent browsing shops. A surprising number of shops were already open. I guess it makes sense, to get the business travelers, but it still took me by surprise. I got through the Travel 2000 outpost unscathed, got a book at Olsson’s (because I need more books, you know), and I picked up a cheapie cell phone headset at one of the ubiquitous W.H. Smiths.

I didn’t even get checked going through security, which is, I think, a first for my post-9/11 travel (1 trip to Louisiana, 1 trip to Chicago, and this will be my 3rd trip to Boston in that timeframe). The poor guy in front of me did, though, and he was very frazzled, worried about his laptop getting stolen or his suitcase crushing his other belongings as they came down the conveyer belt thing from being scanned. So, I stopped and saved his laptop and his luggage and waited for him to reach the point where they were ready to start searching his stuff instead of his person. I really knew how he felt, and wanted to lend a hand. It sucks having this eminently liftable, multi-thousand dollar device containing all sorts of things that are important to you sitting somewhere where you can’t keep an eye on it.

So now I’m sitting at the gate, drinking my orange juice (but no food yet, arr; sorry, I just couldn’t face it, but I did take my vitamins!), and typing at you. I am surprisingly awake, but I suspect that the drone of the plane will put me to sleep pretty quickly, which is good. I mean, once I get to Boston, I won’t want to stay up as late as I normally do, but god knows that waking up at 5 isn’t going to be conducive to even a vaguely normal sleep schedule.

But, I should probably go now. Not that I have anything to do, but at this point, I’m typing to keep typing, not because I have anything meaningful to say. Not that I ever really have anything meaningful to say, but I think that’s even more the case pre-8-AM, at the airport. :)

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