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So tired.

I am finding it impossible to wake up today. I attribute this to the fact that I only got four hours of sleep last night. I attribute that to the fact that I had wacky nightmares last night that caused me to be restless and keep waking up.

Last night's nightmare was an obvious direct result of last night's Sun service wrangling activities. I had this bag of coins, see. Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze coins. And I had all of these broken Suns, and they were all critical, customer-facing systems, and it was vital that they come up immediately. The thing is, I only had so many coins, see? And each coin represented a Sun service level (platinum, gold, silver, or bronze, natch). But, each coin was only good for one particular machine. The serial numbers were inscribed on the coins, in very very small print, and I had to match up machines to coins before they could be serviced.

This was all very stressful, especially with the dozens of people standing over me, telling me to go faster, but not actually offering to help with the matching of the coins to the machines. And, once the coins were matched to the machines, nobody could read the instructions on how to use the coins to get their machines fixed, so I had to take time to explain this individually, mostly by reading the instructions to them, and then try to go back to matching coins to machines.

For hours on end.


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